Create your own family tree database, enter in the information and study your bloodline before generating reports on your families statistics.

  • ScionPC
  • Version :8.3
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Robbie J Akins

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ScionPC Description

Activities and info have always been stored with any method available. When it comes to people, keeping track of relatives is done with the help of a genealogical tree. Luckily, specialized applications like ScionPC make it even easier and provide a series of features that let you add custom details so that you can include everything there is to know.

Quick accommodation with features

On the visual side, the application is kept quite simple, with no eye-candy elements to keep you distracted or waste any system resources, thus providing an overall smooth work flow. Most of the workspace provides requirement fields or lists you can view created items, while functions are kept in an upper toolbar under intuitive buttons.

Usage is no rocket science, with fields posing no accommodation problems, such as names, title, locations, facts and a lot more. The only inconvenience is that you cannot insert custom fields, but the ones provided are more than enough to meet any demands.

Easy person and date tracking

The application proves to be handy especially in research domains. It comes equipped with several tools that let you thoroughly track down roots and dates using calculators for age, relationships, soundex and more. Locations can also be kept track of and easily associated with people in the database.

Export your work to various formats

Unfortunately, you cannot get a tree view of your project, the only method databases are displayed being lists. The application lets you issue reports with customizable details to include, as well as the possibility to save to a few file formats like, CSV, text or treepad for people and family. In case you work with GEDCOM projects you can easily import them in the application.

To end with

All in all, ScionPC can surely prove to be a handy application overall, especially due to its focus on detail. It might be missing a few features here and there, with no actual tree display, but features it comes equipped with allow for projects to contain thorough data which helps tip the scales in its favor.

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