A software solution to help users manage their business expenditures and save time in scanning their receipts and other documents.

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Scan2Invoice Description

Small businesses depend on their owners to take on accounting attributions, as well as managing the day to day activity. With Scan2Invoice, you can scan all bills and receipts and log them into your cloud accounting service.

A simple application that has a few dependencies

The program is easy to install as long as you have the proper third-party software. This includes Microsoft .NET Framework and Java Runtime Environment. Just as might imagine, Scan2Invoice will run on modern Windows operating systems newer than XP.

The interface is not cluttered with too many buttons, and you will easily get the job done thanks to the intuitive icons. The main window is split into several areas, in which you can preview multiple scanned bills and receipts, a detailed overview of the selected document, and an area to manually introduce data for the accounting service.

Scan your receipts and log them into your accounting tool

The software is designed to cut down the time of data entry for small businesses. By scanning the document directly, you can just make a few minor edits, and you can send the information to your accountant. You can work with multiple documents at the same time, and you can also add PDF documents that arrived via e-mail.

You can also connect to third-party accounting services such as Xero and Quickbooks. It enables quick transfer of data with minimal input from you. The software can also perform optical character recognition to speed up the process of logging in data.

A necessary tool for small businesses

All in all, Scan2Invoice is a reliable application to be used in home or business environment. Although it can successfully employed for personal use, its more advanced features apply better to small businesses. It can connect to popular accounting services and process multiple documents.

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