Scan Redirector RDP Edition

Easily redirect scanner input to a remote PC on your local network by simply installing workstation and server components on target PCs.

  • Scan Redirector RDP Edition
  • Version :2.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Incentives Pro

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Scan Redirector RDP Edition Description

There’s a high chance that all computers in an office environment are all connected to the same network. Various operations can be performed this way, including printing or scanning documents from one PC, and delivering the output on another. In this regard, Scan Redirector RDP Edition helps you send TWAIN device input to a remote PC.

Workstation and server need to be installed on target PCs

The installation package is made up of two components which you need to deploy on a couple of computers. One of them is the workstation which needs to be installed on the computer connected to the TWAIN or WIA scanner device, while the server component grabs output so it needs to end up on the remote PC.

Needless to say that the scanner needs to be connected to the host PC, which also needs to be fitted with the corresponding driver. This last requirement does not apply to the server counterpart. Initiating a scan operation is done in a regular manner, but selecting the corresponding virtual driver.

Lightweight, and easy to use

The workstation component mostly stays in the tray area so it can detect scanner input without taking up any desktop space. By default, it’s set to automatically run with Windows so it’s ready before you reach the desktop. Interacting with the tray icon also lets you select the appropriate device if more are connected.

As far as the server counterpart is concerned, it only runs as a background service on the remote PC, with no visible trace either on the desktop or tray area. Appropriate administrative privileges need to be provided for the remote connection to be established so input reaches the target PC.

A few last words

In conclusion, Scan Redirector RDP Edition is a helpful office assistant which is sure to save off a great deal of time when distributing scanned documents. It comes with two components which need to be installed on the two computers, after which the process is intuitive, and mostly automated.

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