Scalable Smart Packager CE

An easy to use application that can package EXE files for quick and easy distribution into highly customizable Microsoft installers.

  • Scalable Smart Packager CE
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Scalable Software

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Scalable Smart Packager CE Description

Scalable Smart Packager CE provides you with a comprehensive setup creator that supports the latest MSI schema, enabling you to build and manage installation packages.

The main interface is clean and well-organized, comprising the ‘Workflow’ section and the ‘Package Editor’. A list of common tasks is available, allowing you to easily discover or create a new package or edit an existing one.

The ‘Workflow’ section displays a list of all the packages that you work with, together with their location, system architecture and the last edited date. The right-click context menu can be used for adding, removing or discovering new packages, renaming the file or jumping to the modification or the testing phase.

With the help of the ‘Package Editor’, you can modify practically every aspect of the opened MSI file, including its title, subject, author, comments and, obviously, the content. The application displays a list of the installed files, granting you full control over the package structure.

The registry entries can also be modified or removed and the shortcut creating options, the running services and the software tags are also customizable. Additionally, you can change the installation and the compression mode or set the setup process to prompt the user for system reboot.

Once the editing process is finished, the built-in wizard can guide you step by step through the process of testing the setup package, which is nothing more than a complete installation of the package either on the local machine or on a remote system. If an error is detected or if the application does not work properly, the package can be moved back to the modification phase to detect the error source and perform additional changes.

Combining ease of use with advanced editing features, Scalable Smart Packager CE is a handy MSI builder that can check packages for vulnerabilities, help you deploy applications and make them more reliable.

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