Improve your browsing experience by resorting to this handy tool that can analyze the distance between keywords in the results shown by your search engine.

  • Scadarlia
  • Version : 2.1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Kalidor WEB Ltd

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Scadarlia Description

It is only natural that we expect search engines to be blazing fast and responsive, but there is one more aspect that needs to be considered when employing their resources, and that is their exactitude when providing us with results.

A program such as Scadarlia was designed to improve precisely this capability of a search engine, being able to analyze the distance between keywords in the results Google or Bing displays in order to offer you relevant choices.

Can analyze keywords’ position in Google and Bing results

Following an untroublesome setup, the program prompts you with a main window that is split into two sections, which should reinterpret your approach to search engines. While the left section is dedicated to keywords as well as the list of results the search engine considers suitable for your inquiry, the right panel shows the URL you want to analyze in detail.

While this may look like a program packing ordinary browser-like capability, it is not. In fact, the application differentiates itself through its ability to follow a series of rules when displaying the results of a Google or Bing search.

It can analyze the position of your keywords within your page, making sure that they are as close to one another as possible, since this is what makes them more representative for what you have in mind.

Lets you assign colors to results based on their relevance

However, you should not worry that the program interferes with these results and deprives you of any URLs that may, in the end, prove meaningful to you, since what it does is simply organize data, not remove it.

To be more specific, your results will be assigned different colors, depending on their quality. You need to click the “Settings” button if you want to change the defaults for any of the following scenarios: at least one keyword is missing, all keywords appear on the same page, they are all shown in the same paragraph, or they are found in the same sentence.

Designed to complement your browser

What’s more, you can easily spot websites you blacklisted or pages containing stopwords by applying the same technique of tagging them with a color.

It is important to mention that the program is not designed to replace your browser altogether, even though it does let you navigate the web in a comfortable environment. Once you consider your search delivered the best results, you can click the button showing a heart, in the right section, which opens the page in your browser.

Capable tool that can improve your browsing experience

On an ending note, Scadarlia is a handy solution for those who don’t want to spend their time browsing through irrelevant loads of content Google or Bing may provide them with. The program can carry out real-time analyses regarding the position of the keywords you input in order to prompt you with differentiated results, and this ensures you can easily find meaningful URLs in no time.

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