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Effortlessly save any link or webpage you want to review later with just a simple mouse click by relying on this useful Chrome extension.

  • Save to Facebook
  • Version :1.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Facebook

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Save to Facebook Description

Probably inspired by other “read-it-later” services, Facebook’s Save feature introduced a couple of years ago is actually one of the most useful ones, for obvious reasons.

As we are sure most of you already know, Facebook’s Save feature is pretty straightforward. Simply click the arrow drop-down menu on the upper-right corner of any post that you want to revisit later, and select the “Save link” option.

Useful, lightweight, and unobtrusive official Facebook tool

However, the aforementioned feature can offer a bit more, especially with the help of a little Chrome extension appropriately named, Save to Facebook. It works the same way as the inner-Facebook Save feature but it offers way more freedom as it allows you to save almost anything from the web, articles, videos, web pages, you name it.

Like is the case with most Chrome extensions, the installation process is hardly worth mentioning. Once deployed, the extension lives on the right side of the address bar.

Save web content and review it later on Facebook

As expected, you are required to first log into your Facebook account since the extension needs an active Facebook session in Chrome.

Clicking the extensions compact icon allows you to instantly send the webpage you are currently visiting directly to the Saved section on your Facebook account’s dashboard. To make things even more convenient, the extensions also provides you with a one-click shortcut directly to the previously mentioned section.

Bookmark almost everything with the help of this handy extension

To conclude, even though its functionality is pretty straightforward, save to Pocket is a very useful extension that allows you to make the most out of one of Facebook’s most useful features.

Best of all, if you are an avid Facebook user, with the help of this extension, at least in theory, you might be able to replace (although not entirely) other services that allow you to bookmark web content.

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