SanDisk SSD Dashboard

Keep your SanDisk SSD device in top condition by making sure you have the latest updates and safely clean the drive after a virus infection with this tool.

  • SanDisk SSD Dashboard
  • Version :1.4.4
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SanDisk Corporation

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SanDisk SSD Dashboard Description

SanDisk SSD Dashboard is an application designed to help you delete data and mapping tables from your drive permanently so that you can maintain your drive in pristine condition.

Straightforward setup and streamlined interface

Upon launch, the utility scans your system to detect the SanDisk drive installed and displays information about the drive’s model, firmware version, health and critical notifications. The program includes a sleek and clean GUI that enables you to preview details about your computer and operating system.

The application can also provide you with valuable information about the overall performance of your drive. In case you are not satisfied with the reading and writing speed, then you can use various functions to free up space. It is worth mentioning that the UI also includes shortcuts to essential system tools, such as the Windows Disk Management, Windows System Properties or Windows Device Manager.

Comes with three safe deletion tools

Since keeping your drive in top condition entails deleting obsolete data, you should know that the utility provides you with various tools for this purpose, namely Secure Erase, Crypto Erase and Sanitize. In case you are wondering, the difference between them is that the Sanitize function is also capable of deleting the mapping tables and all blocks that have been written to. The Crypto erase function can be used when you want to remove all security keys on the drive.

It is important to note that the app allows you to create bootable USB drives that you can use to perform the aforementioned actions as well as update the firmware. You will be glad to learn that the bootable USB can be used on multiple systems to erase data on different SSDs as well. Then again, you should keep in mind that the status and performance functions are not available SSDs from other manufacturers.

A handy tool that can help keep your SSD in top condition

In the eventuality that you noticed your SanDisk SSD drive acts less optimal than it used to and would like to enhance its performance, then perhaps SanDisk SSD Dashboard could lend you a hand.

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