SAN Health

Monitor your network efficiently and make sure that changes do not take you by surprise or have a negative impact using this tool.

  • SAN Health
  • Version :4.0.7c
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Brocade

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SAN Health Description

Although Storage Area Networks are perfect for Exchange, you can still tweak them so that you can improve their overall performance and reliability. Moreover, your work would be so much easier if you would know exactly where to look and what features could use an upgrade.

SAN Health is a small, yet efficient program that spares you the trouble of tracking the components of the Storage Area manually and provides you with several tool for optimizing the network.

Includes a rugged, yet easy to navigate interface

While it is not a looker, the GUI is well-structured and it is unlikely that it should give you any challenges. The interface is comprised of several tabs that are representatives for their function, namely Site Details, Add Switches, Fabric, Switches and Capture.

The UI is split into two main areas, one that displays the options, tabs and functions of the program and a panel that allows you to view details associated with the storage area network you are managing. You should keep in mind that the app includes detailed instructions on how to operate it in the first tab and features extensive documentation on the developer’s website.

It can generate two types of reports

Before you can run an audit on the SAN status, first you need to enter some details about the switch and fabric. Afterwards, you can launch the SSH or telnet session to the devices to determine their status and upload the raw diagnostic data file in the latter tab to generate an automated report.

The application can provide you with a comprehensive analysis that you can save as CSV, XLS, topology diagram or SAN Health specific file format. Since generating reports is a real-time backend process, it usually takes at least one hour to receive the analysis.

A simple utility that can simplify the job of SANs administrators

In case you are preparing for an IT infrastructure migration or just need an efficient monitor tool that supports automation so that you can better manage your company’s SAN, then perhaps SAN Health could lend you a hand.

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