SAMSUNG Laptop to Hotspot Converter

A software utility that enables you to transform your Samsung laptop into an Internet hotspot, by sharing your wireless connection with other devices.

  • SAMSUNG Laptop to Hotspot Converter
  • Version :6.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DGTSoft

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SAMSUNG Laptop to Hotspot Converter Description

SAMSUNG Laptop to Hotspot Converter is a software utility that enables you to transform your laptop into a hotspot and share your Internet connection with other nearby computers and devices. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the wireless connection and use it for other devices as well, such as mobile phones, tablets or smart TVs.

Furthermore, this allows you to enjoy wireless connectivity for your friends even when you are not at home, without having to carry a router around with you. In order for the application to function, your laptop needs to be connected to the Internet via broadband, so that the wireless adapter can be able to broadcast the signal to nearby devices.

Once the cable connection is made, you can transform the laptop into a hotspot, by selecting the desired wireless adapter to use as a transmitter. After the transmission starts, the laptop can be detected by devices capable to receive Wi-Fi signals and they can make use of them to access the Internet.

In order to connect to the hotspot, you need to enter the name and the password you have set up for the laptop, which are designed to deny access to any unwanted devices that might want to connect. The name and password can be manually changed and you can use any character combination when it comes to securing the connection.

As it may be clear from its name, the application can only be used on Samsung laptops, since it is designed specifically for the wireless adapter they happen to use and it may not be able to recognize or use a different one. Additionally, the hotspot can be disabled at any moment, in case you need the bandwidth for personal use and you do not want it affected by the other connected devices.

System requirements

  • Samsung Laptop
  • Wireless Adapter

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • 15 days trial period
  • The connection name and password cannot be modified
  • Nag screen

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