Samsung Drive Manager

Manage your Samsung external Hard Disk Drive by backing up its contents, securing it or locking it against unwanted access with this tool.

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Samsung Drive Manager Description

Samsung Drive Manager is an application that was designed to help Samsung External Hard Disk Drives owners manage their devices by providing them with several relevant utilities.

It is possible that users can backup their external HDD’s content directly from the application by making use of its AutoBackup function. Users need to create a backup job so that the application can execute the process. The initial backup fully backs up the specified files, as afterwards the utility monitors any changes that might occur within the documents and automatically saves suitable content. This component can also restore stored content just as easily by using the created backup job.

Users can also protect their data by creating a Secure Drive and using the Samsung SecretZone component to secure sensitive information through encryption. This utility helps users create an encrypted disk on the target Samsung External Hard Drive in order to protect important data against unwanted access.

Aside from the security-related utilities mentioned above, Samsung Drive Manager also lets users diagnose their devices in order to identify any malfunctioning components. After the end of the diagnosis process, a report is generated and users are informed whether their devices are subjected to various functionality issues or not.

System requirements

  • Internet Explorer 6
  • 2 GHz AMD or Intel processor
  • 1 GB RAM

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