SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator

A reliable application that enables you to easily generate secure autorun files for your USB flash drives, so that applications you frequently use are automatically launched.

  • SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator
  • Version :2.0.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SamLogic

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SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator Description

USB AutoRun Creator is a simple and intuitive application that enables you to add autorun attributes to your flash drive. Thus, the selected program opens automatically, as soon as you connect the drive to the USB port.

Complete control when generating autorun capabilities

The software can help you associate autorun attributes to certain program, which means it can open automatically when you connect your USB drive to your computer. For security reasons, only the contents added with the help of USB AutoRun Creator support automatic opening capabilities.

Due to the increasing spread of the Autorun virus, that can infect your computer as soon as you open the USB drive in Explorer, Microsoft disallowed autorun capabilities from USB drives. However, with USB AutoRun Creator, you can have complete control on the programs and documents that run automatically from your flash drive.

Simple process

Associating autorun attributes to your flash drive or stick requires a few quick steps. First, you need to select the program or document you wish to open automatically, by specifying its source path. Then, select the location where the autorun program is to be created and attach an icon and a label.

Additionally, you may set a message to be displayed when an end-user does not have the necessary readers that enable the autorun program to open. Customizing the error dialog box implies that you mention a title, a message and, optionally, a file path or URL leading to additional information regarding the error.


With USB AutoRun Creator you can assign autorun capabilities to documents and programs from a flash drive or stick. The application enables you to accurately control which files receive these attributes, thus avoiding the threats presented by self-opening malicious content. Additionally, the application’s neat looking, user-friendly interface allows you to quickly and easily go through the creation process.

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