Sales Pipeline Management Lite

A custom Excel spreadsheet that enables you to monitor the progress of your sales employees with potential clients if you are using the pipeline methodology.

  • Sales Pipeline Management Lite
  • Version :2.4
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ExcelTemplates

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Sales Pipeline Management Lite Description

In the eventuality that you are working in the trading industry and adopt a pipeline methodology, then there is a good chance that you are looking for a solution to help you monitor the progress of the transactions and determine the deals with the highest potential of closing.

Sales Pipeline Management Lite is a utility designed in Excel that enables you to manage all your salespeople better while keeping track of specific clients and predicting the outcomes of the negotiations.

Comes with a well-structured and intuitive interface

While the tool does not need any setup, it does require you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. The template is neatly organized into four sections, namely Setup, Summary, Sales activity and Dashboard.

As the names suggest, you can configure the names, categories and other data relevant data from the Setup tab or explore the daily as well as the monthly or yearly achievements from the Sales activity and respectively Summary. In case you want to get a quick glance of the status or progress, then you can do so via the charts from the Dashboard.

Provides you with various useful summaries about your sales

The advantage of the spreadsheet comes from the fact that it enables you to get reports and hence, make predictions or figure out the best approaches to take so that you can meet the company’s quotas.

Consequentially, you can track the progress and efficiency of each of your salespersons via the Individual Sales summary or figure out how to increase the sales near a holiday or regular interval by examining the All Clients summary. Lastly, if you want to get an overview of your activity, you can analyze the All Sales Summary.

A spreadsheet that can lend you a hand with monitoring sales

All in all, if you need a more efficient and convenient method to monitor the progress of the negotiations and get an idea about the quota you are going to reach in a given period, then perhaps Sales Pipeline Management Lite might be worth a try.

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