Safe365 Free PC Manager

Manage your drives by creating virtual images, backing up the contents, recovering them, formatting the disks and performing tests.

  • Safe365 Free PC Manager
  • Version:4.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Safe365

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Safe365 Free PC Manager Description

If you’re concerned about your PC’s wellbeing, you’re probably looking for various ways to keep it at optimal parameters and the best way to do so is through specialized software.

Safe365 Free PC Manager, for instance, is a program that enables you to manage your machine in various ways by creating virtual disk images, backing up data and restoring it conveniently.

Virtual disk creator

First of all, this application’s functionality focuses around disks more than other components such as video memory or CPU usage. Therefore it is safe to state that it is an advanced disk management tool.

One of the first features that greet you as you launch the application is the virtual disk creator. Here, as the name suggests, you can create virtual disk images on your computer, mount them and remove them with ease. Creating them also enables you to define the size, format it and allocate all the disk space with ease.

Backup and recover your data

Navigating through the application’s functions can be done by using the tabs at the top of the screen. The “Backup and Recovery” tab enables you to choose from three different backup types: “System Backup,” “Disk/Partition Backup,” and “File Backup.”

The last function enables you to browse your computer for data that you saved using any of the functions mentioned above and attempt to restore it to its former place.

Manage your disks

The “Disk Management” category lets you view a list of your disks as well as their corresponding partitions. It is possible to create new partitions, format or delete existing ones, recover them and perform surface tests.

The “Tools and Utilities” tab enables you to create bootable media, clone a disk or a partition, fix boot issues, create ramdisks, as well as view disk information or health data.

Handy disk manager tool

All in all, if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for managing your disks by creating virtual disk images, backing data up and recovering it, you might want to try Safe365 Free PC Manager.

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