Safe Pin FX for Windows 8.1

Securely store your credit cards’ information by using this user-friendly and efficient application designed for Windows 8.1 devices.

  • Safe Pin FX for Windows 8.1
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Stimulsoft Inc.

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Safe Pin FX for Windows 8.1 Description

Safe Pin FX is a lightweight and simple to understand software solution that was created specifically for Windows 8.1 systems, allowing you to securely keep your credit card information.

Metro-style looks and usage

The application can be installed from the Store, its interface generally corresponding to the pattern of most Metro apps, so it can be used on both computers and other types of devices.

The main window of Safe Pin FX lets you view existing cards, edit their information or even delete them, should you no longer need them.

Manage your credit cards and their PIN numbers

To begin with, you need to populate the program’s memory with your credit cards. For this purpose, you can press on the ‘+’ button. A dedicated ‘Edit’ window will appear, where you can input the entry’s name and the name of the card holder.

You also have to add the card number and the expiry date, then select a color for the entry. Afterward, you can choose its type, for instance Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa Electron, WorldPay, Cirrus, PayPal, Western Union, Amazon, American Express, Skrill, and others.

Afterward, you can add the PIN number corresponding to each one, creating a color code that only you will recognize. This way, even if your device where to fall into the wrong hands or be compromised, you would still be the only one with knowledge of the correct combination.

A handy credit card PIN keeper

To summarize, Safe Pin FX is a useful and effective utility for Windows 8.1 that you can resort to for safely storing your credit card information and PIN number, making use of a specific color code that you decide.

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