Safari History Spy

Displays a list of all the webpages that were accessed using the Safari web browser, allowing you to save a report containing all the data.

  • Safari History Spy
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SecurityXploded Inc

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Safari History Spy Description

Navigating to see a browser’s history shouldn’t be rocket science and erasing the list of webpages that have been visited in the past should also be a piece of cake. However, uninstalling the browser might leave traces of the user’s activity in the ‘AppData’ folder, including past visits to certain webpages. That is where an application such as Safari History Spy comes in.

Displays the default location  of the bones

Unless a more advanced uninstaller is used to remove Safari from a computer, traces of the user’s activity when using Apple’s browser have a good change of being left behind. To protect the user’s privacy, Safari History Spy can gather information regarding the browsing history and help users erase it, if they want to.

With a simple layout and a shabby interface, Safari History Spy automatically detects the presence of the Safari browser and reveals the default location of the history.plist file. Alternatively, if the user decided to install Safari in a different location or want to browse the history file of a different user on the same PC, you can browse for the history file yourself.

Check visited websites and export the data as a report

With the push of a button, users can see the content of the history file of Safari. The application displays the website URL, its title, the date it was visited, and the number of visits. Unfortunately, there are no options to perform searches or to filter the information.

The only option is to save the history as a report. Aside from HTML format, Safari History Spy can also save the report as a text, XML, or CSV file. Once the report is in the hands of the user, he or she can filter the data using other applications and perform searches within the table.

View and delete the Safari browsing history

Safari History Spy can help users view, filter and quickly erase the browsing history in Safari, either for their profile or a different user. It is easy to use, exports the data to common formats, and can remove the entire history with the push of a button. Nevertheless, its looks are a bit outdated, and it wouldn’t hurt to have built-in searching and filtering.

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