Searches for corresponding online devices on your subnet and displays them in a list, along with additional information about them.

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SADP Description

If you own multiple IP cameras and need a way to access and manage your devices from the same spot, you probably need software assistance.

One of the applications that can help you accomplish this task without considerable efforts is SADP.

Hassle-free setup

You can install this application on your computer with ease since no additional configuration is required on your part.

In order to deploy it successfully, you only need to provide the installer with a valid destination path on your PC, decide whether or not a desktop shortcut icon should be created and follow the on-screen instructions.

Smooth interface

SADP comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface that encompasses a few interactive functions, which makes it highly accessible to a wide variety of computer users.

After you launch it, the utility automatically performs a scan on your network in order to identify corresponding devices and displays the collected information directly on the main screen.

Scans for active devices on your network

SADP stands for Search Active Devices Protocol and, as its name suggests, it can help you identify active online devices within your subnet and provides you with various details about them.

For instance, you can view device ID, type, security, IPv4 address, port, software version, IPv4 gateway, HTTP port, serial number, subnet mask, MAC address, encoding channel, DSP version or IPv4 DHCP status.

Adjust parameters

You can modify network parameters for each item by activating the side menu and typing the desired details in the corresponding fields, providing it with an administrator password and hitting the Modify button.

Additionally, you can export device information as an Excel file to your computer by ticking its dedicated checkbox on the main window and clicking the Export button.

Network device identifier

All in all, SADP is a lightweight, yet effective application that can help you detect online suitable devices on your network and modify their parameters according to your needs. It can be easily installed on your computer, features a minimalistic user interface and enables you to export data to Excel files on your PC.

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