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RTMPDump Description

As its name suggests, RTMPDump is a lightweight tool designed to help you capture RTMP connections and dump media files.

The application runs using the command prompt, thus it does not pose any problems for those who are familiar with the basic usage of the console. It provides support for all types of real time messaging protocol, such as RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE or RTMPS.

RTMPDump can be used to connect to the RTMP server just like any other video player client and download video or audio streams from websites that are using this protocol, such as Hulu or justin.tv. In order to use it, you have to specify the hostname or the URL containing a hostname where the multimedia stream is stored.

The RTMP server tool (rtmpsrv) is designed to monitor RTMP connections, collect the authentication information and invoke RTMPDump with the received parameters in order to retrieve the multimedia file.

The other tool in the pack is RTMP proxy server (rtmpsuck), which becomes the middle-man between the client application (RTMPDump) and the server and receives the redirected connections.

RTMPDump is a small, yet handy dump tool for media content that can download the multimedia stream in FLV format. The application is used in many software projects related to video, audio and data streaming.

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