Keep a close eye over your finances and monitor expenses and earnings alike so you can come up with better budget via this software solution.

  • RollingCoin
  • Version :x5.1.2
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :RollingCoin

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RollingCoin Description

RollingCoin is a light piece of software that allows you to manage everything from your mortgage and vehicle load to your family’s vacation and grocery expenses, all from the same location.

Comes with an intuitive and clean UI

Following a quick setup, you are welcome by a small, sleek window that prompts you to access the agenda or review the settings. The highlight of the application stems from the comprehensive and well-organized agenda that enables you to organize notes, financial statements, transfers, income, accounts and expenses so that you can keep track of your finances more efficiently.

The interface consists of three panels, namely the dashboard that allows you to access Categories such as your Accounts, Transfers or Users quickly, the viewing area and a third pane that permits you to add and edit the details regarding the transactions or entries.

Includes numerous tools, but functionality can be confusing

It is necessary to mention that the categories are available in a tree structure, an option that can help a bit with transparency and ease access to the data. In fact, when you create the Agenda for the first time, the app provides you with a template that you can customize and expand or contract according to your particular circumstances.

On the other hand, the navigation as well as adding or editing new items is not very intuitive and the plethora of tools and functions can make the app intimidating for users with less technical skills. Then again, you should know that the utility includes a user guide that you can check out to learn how you can perform operations more efficiently on the official website.

A financial tool that can help you manage your budget better

In the eventuality that you are trying to figure out how to put some cash aside for rainy days or you want to determine whether making a large investment or applying for a new bank loan makes sense, then perhaps RollingCoin could come in handy.

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