RollBack Rx Home

Create snapshots of your computer then restore them within seconds whenever an app installation goes wrong or your system crashes.

  • RollBack Rx Home
  • Version :10.5 Build 2702327820
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Horizon DataSys Inc.

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RollBack Rx Home Description

Depending on who operates it, your computer might crash more or less on a regular basis, and this can result in lost or corrupted data and a lot of time spent fixing all the settings.

The alternative is to rely on specialized applications such as RollBack Rx Home, as it can help you quickly restore your PC to its exact state before the crash occured.

Reboot the PC, then access the straightforward GUI

The installation process goes smoothly, yet you need to take the time to restart the computer before you get to fully benefit from this utility.

Once the reboot is complete, you can access the graphic interface of RollBack Rx Home and start exploring its features. Since all functions are neatly organized and their captions are as clear as possible, you can start creating your first snapshot within seconds.

Create snapshots, then restore your PC to a previous state

Whenever you create a snapshot using this application, it basically records the current state of your computer, along with all installed applications, files and folders. You can create several snapshots, whenever you install a new app, just to make sure it does not crash your PC or infect it with a virus.

You can assign relevant titles and descriptions to each of your snapshots, so that you can easily choose the one you need when you want to restore your computer to a previous state.

Explore snapshot data and retrieve files

Another nifty function of RollBack Rx Home is that you can browse through the files and folders stored within each snapshot, thus getting the chance to retrieve various files even if your OS can no longer boot.

The application simply mounts the chosen snapshot as a virtual drive, you can explore its contents with ease, select the files you are interested in, then just unmount the drive and you are done.

All in all, RollBack Rx Home makes it easy for all users to restore their computer to previous states, thus reverting to a stable configuration within seconds.

RollBack Rx Home Video Guide

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