Play your favorite childhood Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games by turning to this lightweight application that requires no configuration.

  • RockNES
  • Version :5.52
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Zepper

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RockNES Description

If you’re a gaming enthusiast who also appreciates old-school titles and consoles, you probably want to relive those moments in your childhood when you used to play on your Nintendo.

For the scenario mentioned above, there is a broad range of specialized computer applications that can emulate old games and provide you with a great experience, almost as good as the real one if you have the right tools. One of them is RockNES.

Emulates NES ROMs and plays NSF music

You can turn to this application if you want a quick way to play NES games directly on your computer without significant efforts. The only thing you need to do is provide the utility with a valid ROM file by loading it from the “Game” menu.

Aside from letting you play old-school NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games, this app also lets you play NSF music in a similar way. You just have to load a supported NSF (which stands for Nintendo Sound Format) file.

Save/load functions

If you’ve begun playing a game, you can easily save your progress if you don’t want to start all over again every time. Doing so can be easily accomplished by using the “Save state” option from the “Game” menu.

Restoring a saved state can be also done easily, as you only need to select the “Restore state” option from the same menu mentioned above. Additionally, you can use the F2 key on your keyboard for quick-saving the state, the F3 key to select a different slot if you want to use different save files and the F4 key to load the saved state available on the current slot.

Additional options

RockNES enables you to connect a controller to your computer, in case you want to enjoy a gaming experience that is as close to the original one as it can be. However, you might need to configure its controls after successfully connecting it by accessing the “Input Devices” section from the “Options” menu, selecting the desired device and hitting the “Config” button.

Among the general settings that can be adjusted, you can find disabling hotkeys, asking before quitting to the OS, setting the savestate slot to 0 upon reset, printing the FPS number in screenshots, using vertical retrace sync, saving the last accessed folder as main and using the minimal GUI bar.

Handy, lightweight NES emulator

All in all, RockNES is a reliable, lightweight application that can help you emulate NES roms and play NSF music on your computer. Its interface is pretty simple, which makes it highly accessible to a broad range of users, it requires no additional configuration and enables you to use your favorite controller to bring you as close to the original experience as possible.

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