Automatically calculate the required angles for moving a robotic arm by specifying the needed positions on the X, Y and Z axes and test whether the values are correct.

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Robot4 Description

Robot4 is a simple piece of software designed to help users calculate the necessary angles for moving a robotic arm from a given position to a desired one.

Straightforward looks

The tool sports an intuitive, very easy-to-use interface so that users could resolve their calculation problem in a few simple steps. Additionally, the software allows users to submit the data for execution, directly from its main window.

The application has been designed as an example of the Inverse Problem approach. What this means is that the utility knows which are the starting and end points for the movement and that it needs to calculate how the movement should be performed.

Input angles and distance values

Before starting the calculation, users need to provide a series of values that can help in the process, including the alpha angle and various distance values, such as beta, delta, Px, Py, Pz, and Base X, Base Y, and Base Z.

To ensure a successful calculation, users need to provide info on movement variables, including the maximum number of iterations, converged tolerance of unknowns, damping factor, and criteria for imposing damping.

Submit data for compilation

With the help of this program, users can test whether the data they have introduced for calculating the movement angle is correct or not by submitting it to be compiled. Users are advised to save the input data to a text file so that they know what needs to be changed in the event that the operation is not successful.

Robot4 does not perform the data compilation on its main window but launches a DOSbox (command prompt shell) for that. Users can keep track of how the operation goes and can make adjustments to the provided variables if needed.

A fast program

All in all, Robot4 is a snappy tool for calculating the movement angle of a robotic arm. It requires for users to input multiple values on its main window, but it can compile data fast, and users receive almost instant feedback on whether their data is correct or not.

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