RoboBlather Portable

Hear text read-aloud with this text-to-speech application that offers straightforward handling and comes packed with two voice types.

  • RoboBlather Portable
  • Version :1.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Zeta Centauri

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RoboBlather Portable Description

When it comes to text-to-speech software, users have plenty to choose from, but often they might end up with overly complicated programs. Nevertheless, there are more accessible packages, such as RoboBlather Portable. This application was designed to offer people an easy-to-use text-to-speech engine for converting their inputted text into audible content.

Crude interface that lacks menus and might be too feature-stripped for most users

The application comes packed with an unimpressive interface that doesn’t offer too much regarding customization or actual features. This can be seen as an advantage for novice users, but it might be frustrating for those who wish that extra edge regarding tools.

After inputting or pasting the preferred text into the entry box, one can quickly preview it audibly, by using the on-screen commands. People have the option to also save the rendered text to file, but unfortunately, there are no options for selecting a location, format or characteristics.

Hear inputted text read-aloud, with this utility that might lack more advanced features

Users can either start or stop the text reading feature, but no pause option is provided. Furthermore, custom volume or sound characteristic adjustments are also missing, and one has access to two main voice types provided by Microsoft.

Additionally, the audio files which are saved to disk, cannot be previewed and always appear with a “0 Kb” file size. Considering its significant drawbacks and the fact that it doesn’t provide any settings menu or customization, this utility cannot be recommended as reliable for experienced users.

Poor text-to-speech utility that might only suffice the requirements of novice users

This application addresses those who need a straightforward tool for converting text to audio files and hearing that text read-aloud. It will offer them an accessible solution that will enable one to enter the preferred text and hear it read. However, featuring multiple weaknesses, such as lack of customization or audio file errors, make RoboBlather Portable an unreliable choice for demanding users.

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