Use your Sega Saturn video game console with Rhea or Phoebe ODE devices by replacing your standard menu with this handy homebrew one.

  • RMenu
  • Version:0.1.3
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:neuroacid

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RMenu Description

RMenu is a lightweight homebrew menu that can make it possible to use Sega Saturn video game consoles with Rhea or Phoebe ODE devices. After users boot their consoles, the newly installed menu lets them select the games they want to play, similarly to the standard one, but with added functionality.

RMenu’s package includes an application that lets users generate a list of games contained on their SD cards and create an ISO disc image with the homebrew menu. Rhea requires firmware version 3.5.0 whereas Phoebe works with firmware version 3.2.0.

After the firmware upgrade operation is successfully completed, users have to either extract or copy the ’01’ folder from the archive to the root of their SD cards. However, if the folder already exists, it is required to change the location of the image inside of it before proceeding. After finishing the required steps, users need to edit a list of game titles on their SD cards, insert the card into the Rhea or Phoebe device and turn on their Sega Saturn.

Upon booting, users can view a list of games contained on their SD card if the operations they performed were successful. In this menu, directional buttons are used to navigate, while the A, B and C ones are used to boot games, exit the menu and view additional information.

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