RJ Tools

A useful, effective and reliable Excel add-in that comes with useful tools that simplify and facilitate the work within spreadsheets.

  • RJ Tools
  • Version :0.57
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Radek Jurecek

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RJ Tools Description

RJ Tools is a comprehensive Microsoft Excel add-in that complements the set of calculating functions offered by the software. The add-in comes with extra functions that facilitate the editing of spreadsheets as well as data comparison, advanced selection making and mathematical equations solving.

Science brought closer, in your spreadsheet editor

RJ Tools allows you to insert several types of functions into your spreadsheet, functions that Excel could not offer, normally. Thus, the new available categories include management tools, formulas and values, instruments for editing rows columns or ranges, cell formatting, scientific functions, as well as lists/sheets editor.

The software can detect duplicates, allows you to search for text and values, compare them and move/copy them to newly created sheets. Moreover, you can easily insert a mathematical operation in a new cell created between pre-existing ones, add a custom character sequence, a dynamic named range or a formula for the error message. Previously defined formulas can be converted, transferred, highlighted to sent to clipboard.

Managing tables and structures

RJ Tools allows you to convert any table from an Excel spreadsheet to a 2D scheme, with highlighted cells. You may compare two ranges of sheets, remove all the empty cells in a column or a row, as well as manage individual cells. For instance, you can automate the creation of custom size cells, by inserting the criteria, wrap text, convert numbers to decimals and add date settings.

The add-in brings a large collection of pre-made templates that you can insert to a spreadsheet or workbook, such as a list of files, installed fonts, names, a list of add-ins, pivot tables, queries, external links or a list of formulas. Additionally, you can sort the sheets in ascending/descending alphabetical order and password protect them.

Reliable set of functions for easy spreadsheet management

With RJ Tools working with multiple sheets and large amounts of data is made easy. The add-in comes as a complementary set of functions for Microsoft Excel, ranging from cell management, to automatically removing empty columns/rows and editing formulas. The add-in can also display detailed information about the selected cells, such as the formula contained, the format and position.

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