Rillsoft Project

A complex and detailed project management suite with a wide range of resources and options, including an interactive Gantt chart.

  • Rillsoft Project
  • Version :6.1 Build 571
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Rillsoft GmbH

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Rillsoft Project Description

Every project needs to be broken down into multiple steps in order to efficiently reach its goal. Now with a computer on almost every desk and activity environment, planning can easily be done on a computer. In this regard, Rillsoft Project comes with a rich set of features to assemble a team, specify resources, and keep track of progress.

Visual design and import options

Although the application might feel a little overwhelming at first, the application is wrapped around the popular Office design with the ribbon menu, which makes it easier to get familiar with how things work. Additionally, several color themes are at your disposal, as well as the possibility to thoroughly customize project display colors.

Moreover, you might also be able to collaborate with Office projects, especially because of the possibility to import Microsoft XML projects, along with CSV, and web XML. The same types of formats can also be used as export methods, or directly print out customized reports and project sheets.

Project overview, and resource management

Most of the space represents the interactive Gantt chart where you get to place, view, and modify projects. Moreover, the Gantt chart provides a neat overview of all project steps. A project can simply be created by choosing a specific cell on the chart, and filling in corresponding details in the bottom properties panel.

However, it’s best to set up your work environment and resources first so that management becomes easier later on. Two types of resources are available, such as employees and machines, none of them being mandatory though, just to provide the flexibility you need.

All of these elements can be viewed, and handled in the resource pool window. Here you get to handle all types of resources starting with the calendar, roles, teams, employees, material, up to machine types, machinery, project category, and project status.

Resource and project management

The calendar is where you get to break down a weak into working hours. An actual calendar is provided to easily view the schedule with corresponding colors for holidays and other tags. This resource goes hand-in hand with teams and employees, which need to be tied to a specific schedule.

These last mentioned resources are easy to fill in, with specific requirement fields for general, and project related details, including cost. All values also represent column headers of the tables they’re shown once items are created. In fact, the creation process and table view mode is the same for all other resource types, and only requirement fields being described accordingly.

When all resource fields and groups are filled in, the Gantt chart conveniently displays all of them in your projects. Various filters can be used to view details of interest, while editing is possible on the spot. Completion status is filled in an intuitive way by simply dragging a slider inside the project box.

In conclusion

All in all, Rillsoft Project offers a complex set of options you can use to define, and keep track of any kind of project. Since none of the resource types are mandatory, you can enjoy the flexibility you need, both because you’re not restricted, and that you can include an impressive variety of item types. It’s sure to improve the status and efficiency of any domain of activity.

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