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Choose a template for your resume or CV from a list, download it and use it with your content by relying on this handy application.

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Resume CV Builder Store App Description

Being successful at your job interview usually depends on a series of factors. Some of them are your CV’s or your resume’s looks.

Not anyone can create visually appealing content, therefore if you find it difficult to generate your template, you can rely on Resume CV Builder Store App.

Simple user interface

This application comes with a minimalistic layout that provides you with basic functions, thus allowing any user to benefit from its functions without great efforts.

The lack of an additional configuration menu adds to the simplicity of the application’s design. The main window provides you with a scrollable list of templates in the form of thumbnails. If you want to display a larger version of your preferred item, you need to click it.

Basic download tool

Aside from allowing you to download your favorite templates from its dedicated library, this utility does not enable you with any other functions. It is not possible that you edit your resume or CV directly from the application, therefore it offers you basic downloader functions.

More so, it can only download DOC or DOCX documents, so unless you provide it with a supported text editor, it is impossible to open the saved content.

Limited options

Furthermore, it is impossible to select a destination folder for downloaded items, therefore the program automatically saves them to a default location, thus providing you with limited accessibility.

On the bright side, the templates it offers you come with a smooth design and you can edit them with ease if you own supported software.

In conclusion, Resume CV Builder allows you to browse through a rather wide list of CV templates, preview and download them if you want to. However, you should note that it is not possible to edit your files directly from the utility, as the functions mentioned above are the only one it has been designed to cover.

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