A powerful piece software especially designed for engineers and specialists who need to calculate energy consumption within a building.

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REScheck Description

REScheck is a software solution for those who need to verify a building’s compliance to a variety of energy codes. With it you are able to check insulation and window requirements according to Council of American Building Officials (CABO), Model Energy Code (MEC), the International Code Council (ICC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

A tool to help you with all the details

REScheck is developed to follow by the book standards and thanks to this, it provides everything you need in order to obtain accurate results. It’s a tool that can easily help you to determine insulation and window trade-off parameters for multiple types of dwellings.

The application is of a technical nature and should be handled by specialists or people with some experience and knowledge on the subject. If that’s not the case, REScheck won’t end up being an unusable piece of software because it does come with detailed documentation about all its features and procedures. It’s just going to take you a bit longer to get used to preparing and seeing a project all the way through.

Figure out energy consumption for a wide range of buildings

Though the process may seem complicated, it comes down to a few steps that if you manage to successfully complete, makes the next use rather intuitive. To generate an energy report all you have to do is choose the code to follow, enter building information, add details about its components and mechanical equipment, and then export the results.

As far as the envelope is concerned, REScheck provides the means to add details about elements such as ceiling, skylight, wall, window, door, basement, floor and crawl wall. For each one you get to choose between multiple types and configure element specific parameters.

Calculate insulation

With the above to consider and much more to discover in the details, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to perform accurate calculations for building insulation and trade-off, then you can certainly try REScheck.

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