Manage the properties you rent out, including location, market price, tenants, payment dates, and others with this comprehensive program.

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RentBoss Description

RentBoss is a modern looking software application that is a great help for small to mid-size property owners managing buildings and rent contracts.

Simple and easy to use

The friendly user interface is designed in a simple manner allowing landlords to have all the important information easily accessible.

The program can handle multiple properties and apartment complexes and has many searching/sorting options available for the owner.

Managing the tenants

The Program Tenant module contains renter data – name, address, SSN, property occupied, rent paid, family members/other occupants, photos, history of requests/complains and notes. The Building module holds information about rental units – location, rent, size, current status, photos, and many more.

Buildings module

The Builidings module can be easily filled with proper data like vacant units, name, address, city, state, zip, country, floor space, market rent and that date of building construction.

The modules also support smaller tabs in the bottom of the window, with values for “Notes”, “Photos”, “Content”, “Meters”, “ToDo”, and “Owners”.

From the same area the user can refresh the data entered or use the recycle bin to clear the data that he will no longer use.

The small “Menu” is great for when the owner wishes to print, export or import Excel data with tenants details or building’s data.

RentBoss can manage your lease agreements for you, allowing data add for unit, tenant, start and end date and calculate recurring charges.

Security Deposits and Agreement Text can be entered into the software application if required by the owner for later use or simply to keep better track of the whole renting process.

This program can also save occupants and important files for the owner.


RentBoss is a simple utility that does the job of managing the whole renting process beautifully and makes a great assistant for a building owner.

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