Rental Calendar

Manage your rented items with this intuitive application that allows you to view weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly reservations.

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Rental Calendar Description

Companies rely on digital tools for a wide variety of reasons, from improved productivity to superior accessibility and information protection options. Data recorders, in particular, are a very successful side-effect of the digital revolution and Rental Calendar is just one such example, geared towards the rental businesses.

Manage rented items

The tool allows these types of organizations to manage their inventories adequately, regardless of the nature of the traded items. As such, one can employ this program as a viable inventory ledger for various items, from CDs to cars, boats, and even houses.

Once launched, the program displays a highly intuitive and practical GUI that allows navigation through ribbon items. One can define and manage multiple leased resources, all of which are displayed with large and crisp built-in images. These entries are placed in a left-side panel and one of the great features of this application is that different colors can be employed for each item.

Comes with a calendar view for increased accessibility

This can be especially handy when viewing the calendar-themed scheduler, as contrasting hues make it easy to distinguish between items visually. Also, the calendar setup ensures bookings are recorded adequately; reminders can also be created and users can record the fees charged for an item, as well as any comments or problems encountered.

Various timeline views can be activated to better manage one’s inventory and a breakdown of all the customers is also available. Once satisfied with their entries, users can export projects to Excel, TXT or HTML formats and a built-in print function can also be employed.

A practical solution for managing stocked and rented items

In conclusion, Rental Calendar is a lightweight solution for anyone in the rental business. With it, one can record inventory fluctuations, as well as the customers and their paid fees.

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