Rename file names and extensions in bulk, change the date and time stamps, as well as modify file attributes using this software app.

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RenameZit Description

RenameZit is comprehensive software utility that you can use to rename multiple files at the same time by specifying a set of rules. It’s geared toward all user levels.

Hassle-free installation and user-friendly interface

After a fast setup operation that shouldn’t give you any trouble, you are welcomed by a user-friendly interface, made from a large window with a neatly organized structure, where you can indicate the type of items to rename, between files and extensions.

Easily rename files in bulk

It’s also possible to change the date, time and file attributes in bulk, enter a prefix and suffix, apply timestamps within the file names, convert to uppercase or lowercase, and establish the offset.

When it comes to the time, you can change the date and time of creation or last modification. As far as file attributes are concerned, RenameZit lets you mark items as read only, hidden, system or archives, or to remove these labels wherever they exist.

Evaluation and conclusion

The software application carried out file renaming jobs in record time while remaining light on system resources consumption. It didn’t hog system resources in our tests, thanks to the fact that it required low CPU and RAM to work properly.

On the other hand, the interface could use some improvements in the visual department. We must also keep in mind the fact that RenameZit hasn’t been recently updated. However, you can test the app for yourself if you’re looking for a reliable bulk file renamer, since it’s free to use.

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