Batch rename a wide variety of files and directories on your computer using a search and replace function with this software solution.

  • RenamePad
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RenamePad Description

In the eventuality that you need to work with a lot of files who share similar names, then we do not need to tell you just how irritating it can be to search for a single one in a batch of over one hundred files.

RenamePad is a handy application that allows you to rename multiple types of files and folders on your computer a lot more easily and quickly compared to Windows Explorer.

Very simplistic, yet highly intuitive interface

The utility does not impress in terms of appearance, especially since the gray-themed interface consists of a resizable window that displays the vast majority of the functions. The UI also includes 2 panels that mirror each other, one where you can preview the initial name of the files and another where you can apply the modifications.

In the upper section, you can specify what you would like to rename, namely, folders only, files only or both. In the lower section of the UI, you can access the search and replace function and set up if the app should account for the whole keyword or whether it is case sensitive.

Comes with reversible renaming and impressive batch capabilities

In case you need to rename a large batch file, then you can also use the search and replace function to speed things up. This feature can come in handy when you want to rename the photos you took during your last vacation or your best friend’s birthday party, for instance.

Speaking of batch renaming, the app allows you to trade current names with numeric characters and alter the extensions of the files you process at the same time. If you change your mind, do not fret as you can reverse the entire process effortlessly. Last, but not least important, the utility can help you go around the typical name conflict issues that usually make you waste a lot of time.

An excellent utility for batch renaming

All in all, RenamePad comes with numerous features and tools that allow you to quickly process thousands of files, while averting the common issues associated with file renaming at the same time.

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