Remote Utilities – Viewer

Connect to remote computers running RUT Server via LAN to gain full control, transfer files, send messages, chat, record voice, and more.

  • Remote Utilities – Viewer
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Usoris Corporation

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Remote Utilities – Viewer Description

Designed as a complementary application to Remote Utilities – Server, Remote Utilities – Viewer lets you establish a network connection via LAN, remotely access another computer with the mouse and keyboard, as well as to perform file transfers, among other features. It comes packed with many handy options and configuration parameters for experienced users.

An extensive list of available PC control options

Wrapped up a clean and intuitive interface, the program lets you get started by populating a list with remote PCs to connect to, by indicating the connection name, IP address, Internet ID or DNS, along with the connection type, depending on your intentions: full control, view only, file transfer, power control, task manager, terminal, execute, inventory manager, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), chat, screen recorder, send message, remote camera and registry, or voice and video chat.

Easily carry out tasks on remote machines

Once linked to a remote computer, you can enter full screen mode to view its desktop, navigate the disk and execute commands, change the viewing mode, send a key combination (e.g. PrintScreen, F12, Ctrl+Alt+Del), as well as capture the screen to the Clipboard. Evidently, you can toggle multiple open connections at will.

Other commands and settings

It is possible to organize machines into multiple groups, send a Ping signal to find out the connection strength between the local and remote PC, log on and off, as well as send a Wake-on-LAN signal to start up a remote PC. What’s more, you can search for hosts in the LAN by setting an IP range, administer an address book with contacts, or create and manage a list with domain controllers.

Evaluation and conclusion

The software utility supports multiple languages and has a good response time. It can be set to export connections to file and import them later and even on another computer running Remote Utilities – Viewer. It has a good response time and low impact on computer performance, using low CPU and RAM.

All in all, Remote Utilities – Viewer comes in handy to all users looking to seamlessly control remote PCs via LAN, backed by a wide range of practical features and customization preferences.

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