Remote Process Explorer

Monitor all running processes on a local or remote computer in real time, view extra details about them, kill processes, as well as set priorities.

  • Remote Process Explorer
  • Version : 5.1.0 Build 245
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Lizard Systems

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Remote Process Explorer Description

Remote Process Explorer helps you get comprehensive information about the processes that are running on a local or network computer in real time, look up processes on the Internet for retrieving additional details, as well as terminate them.

Import computers

A wizard-like approach is implemented for importing computers from the network. You can filter the computers by different criteria, such as domain controllers, terminal servers, and SQL.

Other possible importing options enable you to add PCs from Active Directory, user-defined range of IP addresses, or plain text file with the names of the target devices.

User interface

Remote Process Explorer reveals a list with all the computers that you are currently monitoring. You may create custom groups where you can store PCs and keep an eye on CPU and memory usage, handles, and threads with the aid of several graphs.

Detailed information about processes and OS

Processes are revealed in a tree-like display, allowing easy navigation among them and their dependencies. You can view details about each process, such as name, PID, parent PID, CPU, memory usage, handles, threads, priority, and file location. In addition, you can show or hide the selected processes on the graph.

Remote Process Explorer reveals data about the OS, such as version, build number, installation date, code set, country zone, current time zone, organization, registered user, serial number, boot device, and total virtual and visible memory.

Process management options

You are offered the freedom to refresh the list with processes, kill the selected one, run a custom process, set priorities (e.g. low, normal, high), search on Internet about a process via your default web browser, and perform searches.

A set of administrative tools allows you to manage remote desktops, shutdown sessions, services, events, local users and shared folders, while a package with network utilities includes support for ‘ping,’ ‘tracert,’ ‘pathping,’ ‘nslookup,’ and other options.

An overall efficient network utility

All in all, Remote Process Explorer comes with a decent feature pack for managing, monitoring and analyzing processes on a local or remote computer.

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