Quickly adjust color options for pictures under an abundance of formats, either manually or with the help of a wizard-driven process.

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Relight Description

Before ending up on your Facebook wall, as a desktop background or hanging as a banner for commercial purposes, images undergo heavy processing to enhance quality or certain elements in the picture. Color plays an important role and with the help of specialized applications like Relight, this task becomes easy and fast.

Gets you quickly up and running

Although it’s not packed with too many features, the application wants to make sure you perfectly understand every tool and button you get to use. In this regard, a welcome screen pops up each time you run the application and lets you watch several tutorial videos, open a sample files to get an idea of what can be accomplished, or go through the whole process starting with opening a file.

Wizard-driven adjustment process

You can load an impressive array of file formats, such as BMP, CUT, DDS, EXR, ICO, HDR, JPEG, MNG, PCX, PCD, PSD, SGI and TIF. This comes in handy because each hold specific technical details and serve as the main target in various activities and applications.

The easiest way to have a photo polished in the blink of an eye is going through with the image enhancement wizard that pops up as soon as you load an image. A few steps fitted with clever descriptions make sure you don’t get stuck along the way and choose the profile that best suits your needs, such as specifying if the image is too dark, bright or faded.

Packed with only a few editing tools

Your image is updated in real time, letting you analyze each minor change as you adjust sliders for basic colors. When you’re done with the wizard, all sliders for adjusting colors can be accessed and managed from a side panel.

However, the set of features is rather poor, and at least a set of predefined profiles would have tipped the scales a little in its favor. All changes need to be done manually for each picture, and there’s no method to save custom configurations. What’s more, there’s a color mapping utility to only adjust parts of the image, as well as a cropping tool, but they can be a little difficult to use for small details.

To sum it up

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Relight is a powerful image processing application overall. Even if it’s not packed with too many features or filters to apply, the simple set of tools is more than enough to handle every picture and give it either a personal touch or adjust lighting conditions for better quality.

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