Organize your WAV audio files by removing the netmix chunks, stripping all meta-data and normalizing the volume using this straightforward tool.

  • Rehab
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  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:BaseHead Inc.

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Rehab Description

Rehab is a tiny piece of software designed to give you a hand with batch renaming, cleaning and organizing your WAV files.

Comes with a simple and user-friendly interface

The installation is fast, straightforward and it is not accompanied by any particular events. The program comes with an intuitive and well-structured interface that is easy to navigate and thus, unlikely to give you any troubles regardless of whether you are a novice with this type of tools.

Even though the interface comprises of a single window and it displays most available functions, you do not have the impression that it might be crowded. In the upper section, you can preview the list of tracks along with their path, name, length and channel.

It is important to note that the program can detect and remove duplicates with just one click. Moreover,  it is configured to crash to a mono channel, so if it detects stereo files that solely feature mono information, it automatically reverts them to mono.

Helps you organize and edit your WAV files

The idea behind the application is to provide you with a quick means to detect and remove blank or low-level audio as well as large gaps that might be located in the middle of the files. Therefore, you can eliminate padding along with other blank audio by checking the dedicated functions.

Considering that its primary role is to batch rename files, you will be happy to learn that you can replace expressions with others in dozens of tracks at the same time with just one click. Among the other noteworthy cleaning operations you can perform via this utility, you can count removing netmix chunks, normalizing volume, stripping all meta-data and non-alpha numeric characters and swapping filenames.

A handy tool for managing your WAV audio collection

In the eventuality that you have a relatively large collection of tracks or audio samples in a WAV or BWAV format that you need to clean and manage more efficiently, then perhaps Rehab could come in handy.

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