Use this lightweight and very efficient application to quickly generate .NET Framework-compatible numeric ranges from regular expressions.

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RegexNumRangeTool Description

RegexNumRangeTool is an intuitive and accessible piece of software that was designed to offer users the simplest means possible for generating regular expression which matches a specific numeric range, for .NET development.

Portability benefits

Being a standalone utility, users can start working with it immediately after download, as it does not need to go through a setup process in order to function properly.

Subsequently, this means that users can even run RegexNumRangeTool from a USB stick or other such portable memory devices, without a trace left on the host system.

Effortlessly obtain regular expression numeric ranges

The application elicits a minimal level of effort from users, its functionality being sufficiently straightforward that even inexperienced individuals would be able to work with it without a problem.

To begin outputting regular expressions, users simply need to input the start and ending points for their range, in the ‘From’ and ‘Till’ fields, respectively. Afterward, users can press the ‘Generate’ button and their result will be displayed in the lower panel. Since batch processing is not an option, if users have to generate several strings, each task will need to be handled individually.

The created string cannot be exported to a file, for further work, but users can copy it to clipboard and paste it directly in their project or in a document. While RegexNumRangeTool may be quite limited in terms of functionality and user-customization, it manages to perform its task without a glitch and turn an otherwise demanding assignment into a one-click job.

A useful programming aid for .NET

To sum it up, RegexNumRangeTool proves to be a handy and reliable application that can cater to the needs of .NET developers, by allowing them to swiftly obtain regular expressions corresponding a preferred numeric range, in just a few swift keystrokes.

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