A comprehensive and easy to use .NET decompiler and browser for DLL and EXE files that offers you a direct approach to reverse engineering.

  • Refractor
  • Version:1.1.01
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:RustemSoft

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Refractor Description

Refractor is a simple to use and straightforward tool that enables you to browse .NET assemblies.

Besides browsing them, the application allows you to decompile to IL (Intermediate Language) and disassemble it to C# and Visual Basic languages. Also, with Refractor you can view XML contents and XAML scripts.

The tool displays a more than friendly interface which makes it very easy to use by just about anyone who posses the basic understanding of what a decompiler does. Using it you can browse the structure and code content of DLL and EXE files in a simple manner.

To extract the code all you need to do is open the DLL or EXE file with Refractor and wait a fraction of a second. That and a few clicks is all it takes for the application to deconstruct the file and display for you its entire structure. Everything is placed into a tree structure which allows you to instantly access and view the code for each component.

Refractor allows you to disassemble IL code into C# and Visual Basic languages that are supported by .NET. This way, you can take code with low level abstraction and convert it into something with a higher level of abstraction, making it easy to read by human minds.

The utility enables you to convert source code from VB to C# and vice-versa in a few, time saving steps. Moreover, Refractor can be used to analyze assembly and Windows DLL dependencies.

In closing, Refractor is a rather lightweight tool that can help you easily and quickly disassemble or reverse engineer and application.

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