Create your family tree, add life events, photo albums, notes, other personal details and get a comprehensive view of the family relations.

  • Redwood
  • Version:1.44
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:NCH Software

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Redwood Description

Redwood allows you to create and manage a comprehensive repository containing data about your close relatives or extended family. The program enables you to generate personal profiles for each family member and specify several life events, images or notes. You may save each tree as a file to your PC.

Simple to generate personal files

Redwood features two views, first of which is the data mode, that allows you to add or edit the information on each family member. The Immediate Family view is a graphic mode in which you can view the structure of close relatives.

The family structure can be build based on the status of each person. The program allows you to create the family tree one person at a time, then create the family ties by selecting the appropriate name for spouses or children.

The panel on the right side of the window allows you to easily navigate through the repository and quickly view information regarding the selected person.

Digital photo album and graphic details

Redwood supports storing images designed to document life events, such as graduation, marriage, christening, buying a new house or other similar facts. You may add notes and details regarding each life event or even portraits to attach to each profile.

The Immediate Family View can instantly generate a graphic representation of the selected person in the family and display the close relatives. The representations differ based on the person you select.

Create new entries or add existing ones

Redwood makes it easy for you to add new family entries or to create ties, by selecting already configured profiles. In other words, after creating profiles for each family member, you can build the family structure by assigning the names to the statuses. Make sure to click the Add button to create new entries or the arrow to add already defined relatives.

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