RedShift Installation System

Create a good first impression by delivering your newly created application in pretty wrapped installer package using this software utility.

  • RedShift Installation System
  • Version :1.6 Build 22
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Julian Spencer

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RedShift Installation System Description

Delivering your newly created application in a fancy installer package not only does it make a good first impression, but also increases the chance of the end user to be a little more confident about your product. This can be done with the help of specialized tools, like RedShift Installation System which promises wrap your application in an efficient and easy to use deployment system.

Greet the end user with a proper welcome screen

There are four main steps you go through before your application is ready to go. You can access each one by clicking its dedicated button from a side panel.

First, details regarding the application’s name and a short description need to be filled in. Additionally, you can choose a picture to be displayed on the installer window, as well as an icon.

Write down the license agreement

Next, you are required to add the license agreement. A text field is provided so you manually write down everything needed. Unfortunately, there is no option that gives you the possibility to simply import a text file, but you can just copy its content.

Select files that are deployed

The third step is where your newly created application comes in handy. Adding desired items is done easily by choosing the directory with the help of an integrated explorer. When files are loaded, the total size is displayed below the path field.

Have shortcuts automatically placed

The last step gives you the possibility to make your application easily accessible after the installation process. The executable file can be specified, attributed a name as well as the source path to have a shortcut created on the deployed computer’s desktop.

During the creation process, your progress is updated in real time in a preview section so you don’t save and test the project several times before the end result for each minor adjustment.

A few last words

To sum it up, RedShift Installation System is not the best application of its kind, but it manages to live up to expectations. The creation process is cleverly simple, with progress being updated as you go along. Even though customization options are slightly limited, you can rely on this utility to help you make a proper first impression.

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