Download images from Imgur links, albums or galleries posted on various subreddits, using filters, with this minimalistic application.

  • RedditRip
  • Version:1.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:W1R3D-Code

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RedditRip Description

There are numerous subreddits dedicated to posting images, but it is quite difficult to find and download these files, especially considering how ineffective Reddit’s search function is.

RedditRip is an open-source app designed to simplify the task of finding and downloading large numbers of Imgur pictures from one or more subreddits. It is very versatile, but it could do with a UI upgrade and some documentation.

Find Imgur links on multiple subreddits

This is a great application for users who wish to find images based on their post titles on Reddit. You can use keywords to filter them, and RedditRip will extract Imgur links that can be downloaded instantly or later.

It is possible to have the application search multiple subreddits using the same filter, and you can specify whether NSFW links should be avoided or if only those should be extracted.

Download individual images, albums and galleries hosted on Imgur

Once you have added one or more subreddits, along with a search filter, the application can begin discovering links that match the search parameters. When the list has been created, you can export it locally or begin downloading files immediately.

RedditRip can grab images from Imgur galleries and albums, and they will all be placed in a separate folder along with a text file that contains details about the post.

Features a plain, outdated UI and lacks documentation

Originally a command-line app, it is clear that the software’s user interface could use a bit more work. It’s not exactly pretty, but it has a simple enough layout that should be easy to get used to.

It is worth specifying that no documentation is included, which would have been very helpful for first-time users, especially for troubleshooting various issues.

In a nutshell, RedditRip is a minimalistic yet powerful application that can help you download Imgur pics from multiple subreddits easily. It is not the best-looking app out there, and it doesn’t come with any instructions, but it gets the job done.

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