Recomposit Pro

A simple and efficient application designed to provide you with the ability to extract objects from photographs, without affecting their quality.

  • Recomposit Pro
  • Version :5.5 Build 19826
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Stepok Image Lab

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Recomposit Pro Description

Recomposit Pro is an advanced piece of software aimed at professional photographers and digital artists, that can also be successfully used by regular people who want to enhance their pictures’ appearance and perform various editing operations.

The program is quite complex, requiring a little browsing around before users can figure out how to handle it properly. That is way it would be recommendable to create backup copies of the images users wish to work with, before performing some irremediable changes and regretting the decision.

This tool is mainly designed to offer users the ability to extract picture objects from their background, without hindering their quality, size or other intrinsic features.  Nonetheless, it also provides users with a wide array of editing features that allows them to improve the aspect of their pictures.

Recomposit Pro provides you with several categories of editing components, namely ‘Matting’, ‘Transform’, ‘Exposure’, ‘Color’ and ‘Enhancement’, each with their individual utilities and options.

With the ‘Matting’ functions, objects can be cut from their background or load images as layers, while the ‘Transform’ component enables users to rotate pictures, flip, crop or resize them. The ‘Exposure’ features ‘Auto Level’ and ‘Auto Contrast’ options, as well as the ability to manually customize these parameters.

The ‘Color’ section of the editing menu allows users to adjust the chromatic preferences, in ‘RGB Mode’ or ‘HSL Mode’ (which includes ‘Hue’, ‘Saturation’ and ‘Luminance’ levels). The ‘Enhancement’ component enables users to work with the ‘Noise Reduction’, ‘Defog’, ‘Sharpen’ or ‘Blur’ tools. Moreover, this feature includes ‘Starlight’, ‘Gradient’ and ‘Diffuse’ filters.

To conclude, Recomposit Pro is a feature-packed application that can assist users in enhancing the appearance of their photos, resulting in professional-looking results that will impress friends and family.

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