Use digital painting instruments to obtain real watercolor effects, with color blending and drying, creating artworks just like you would on canvas.

  • Rebelle
  • Version :2.0.2
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Escape Motions

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Rebelle Description

Artists are often hesitant when it comes to trying out digital painting tools, and for good reason, since most of them do not have what it takes to obtain realistic and natural-looking artworks.

Employing innovative watercolor simulation techniques, Rebelle aims to contradict this, allowing artists and painters to experiment in a working environment where creativity is the only limit.

Various natural painting tools to work with

Rebelle comes with a rich toolset you can use, including watercolor, acrylic and pastel brushes, an ink pen, a pencil, a marker, airbrushing tools, and an eraser for correcting mistakes. By customizing their size, pressure, and other settings, you can easily obtain the effect you are looking for.

The color blending, smear, and water tools also contribute to your artwork, creating the smudgy look of an oil or watercolor painting, with realistic brush strokes. Additionally, you can use the drying and blowing simulators to generate a natural watercolor effect, turning simple sketches into real pieces of art.

Layer-based painting area with rich color and paper texture effects

Rebelle works with layers, which enables you to overlap painting areas and combine objects in an elegant manner. It can wet and dry the layer to add that realistic look you are aiming for to the drawing.

Furthermore, it enables you to experiment with different paper textures and colors, providing various blending options, opacity adjustment capabilities, and a complete color palette you can use to define new hues.

Create realistic-looking stroke-filled paintings

Rebelle transfers watercolor painting into the digital environment, enabling you to enjoy creating art without getting your hands dirty, not to mention spending on canvas and watercolor paints.

While its feature set is, indeed, generous, enriching the brush collection and the paper library even further, setting custom color palettes, or adding predefined presets to apply to an existing image would really add to its value.

To use it to its full potential, it is advisable that you take a look at the integrated tutorial, which displays information regarding all the interface sections, available tools and how they should be used to obtain the desired result.

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