Realtime Landscaping Pro

Design and visualize your landscaping ideas or plans before you put them into practice and create 3D walkthroughs to impress your clients.

  • Realtime Landscaping Pro
  • Version :2016 16.10
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Idea Spectrum

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Realtime Landscaping Pro Description

Realtime Landscaping Pro is a comprehensive piece of software developed to provide you with a simple yet efficient way of creating your own landscaping designs, requiring a minimum level of effort and enabling you to see what your ideas would look like, before actually building them.

The application is fairly simple to work with, the start window allowing you to create a new project, open an unfinished one or work with a sample file to try and get the hang of using Realtime Landscaping Pro.

The utility features three different viewing modes, namely ‘Top Down’, that lets you see the shape of the project from above, ‘Perspective’, which enables you to look at the design from all sides, and the ‘Walktrough’, that is much like an animated video, so you can get a more realistic impression of the final outcome.

The interface is organized in multiple tabs, each providing you with different tools for ‘Building’, ‘Terrain’, ‘Landscape’, ‘Water Features’, ‘Swimming Pool’, ‘Utilities’ and ‘Modeling’, each one containing a library of objects you can modify and use in your designs.

From the ‘Building’ section, you can add or customize the ‘House’, ‘Door’, ‘Window’, ‘House Light’, ‘Fence’, ‘Deck’ or ‘Patio’, while the ‘Terrain’ tab features ‘Slope’, ‘Height Grid’, ‘Height Map’ or ‘Path Grader’. Similarly, the ‘Landscape’ allows you to add ‘Rock Border’, ‘Hedge’, ‘Plant’, ‘Accessory’ (such as ‘Chairs’, ‘Planter’, ‘Bench’, ‘Table’ or ‘Umbrella’, and many others).

The ‘Water Features’ include ‘Ponds’, ‘Streams’, ‘Waterfalls’, ‘Fountains’ or ‘Sprinkler Line’, while the ‘Swimming Pool’ tab is made up of various shapes of ‘Pools’ and ‘Pool Stairs’, ‘Pool Seats’ or ‘Pool Decks’. From ‘Utilities’, you can add ‘3D Text’, ‘Overlays’ or ‘Lot Boundaries’, whereas the ‘Modeling’ section contains various elements you can customize and apply to your project.

To conclude, Realtime Landscaping Pro is a useful and easy to work with program that can successfully assist you in creating your dream home, enabling you to view which elements go best together and make an educated choice when you actually build it.

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