Read&Write for Google Chrome

Offers a wide array of both intuitive and powerful features aimed at helping dyslexic users improve the way they read and write while using Google Chrome.

  • Read&Write for Google Chrome
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  • Publisher:Texthelp Ltd.

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Read&Write for Google Chrome Description

Read&Write is an all-inclusive and very powerful tool designed to help users that have dyslexia or other learning disabilities improve both their reading and writing capabilities. Even though Read&Write is perfectly equipped for assisting you when it comes to local documents, it falls short when it comes to offering aid while browsing the Internet.

Improve your reading, writing and the researching process with the help of this extension

This is where Read&Write for Google Chrome swoops in to fill the gap. In short, it is a lightweight Chrome extension that brings all the interesting and useful features from the desktop version of Read&Write directly into your computer’s browser via an unobtrusive toolbar.

This means that the extension is capable of working with any website (at least in theory) and, best of all, it is neatly optimized to work with all the common types of files, pages and web apps from Google Drive.

Makes Google Chrome a lot more friendly for users that suffer from learning or attention disorders

That said, there’s a fully-configurable voice-over feature, a bespoke spell-checker that is accurately aimed at dyslexic users, an effortless-to-use prediction tool, a talking dictionary, a visual dictionary, a Fact-Finder and a uber-useful Screen Mask that will enhance your focus.

The workflow is quite similar, as well. Just highlight any piece of text, and the extension allows you to hear words, passages read out loud. Before we conclude, we should also mention the self-explanatory Speech to Text feature that makes it as easy as possible for you to seize thoughts and have them written down automatically.

One of the best Chrome extension for assistive reading and researching

All of these “goodies” are available only if you go for the Premium subscription, otherwise, you’ll have settle with just a few basic features, after the 30 days trial is over.

To conclude, Read&Write for Google Chrome is a very well thought-out add-on that can be used virtually with any website and especially with Google-vetted web services. It manages to deliver the same impressive number of features that the desktop client does, without feeling too overcrowded or in any way cumbersome.

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