Rawrite 32

Create NETBSD bootable disks by turning to this lightweight application that can also calculate hash values for the target image files.

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Rawrite 32 Description

Creating bootable disks without turning to third-party software solutions can be a real hassle since you need to configure a variety of parameters to make sure your disk boots correctly.

Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to choose from a large selection of handy tools that can help you simplify your work. One of the utilities mentioned above is Rawrite 32.

Quick setup

Deploying this application on your system can be achieved in a fast, efficient manner since you are not required to perform any complicated configuration steps.

You just need to specify the destination path, since the installer automatically takes all the steps to ensure the application is installed on your computer successfully.

Minimalistic layout

Rawrite 32 comes with a simplistic, user-friendly design that enables you to make use of its straightforward functions with ease.

Although its interface is quite intuitive, previous experience with similar programs might come in handy since some features it provides you with are rather technical.

Create NETBSD bootable disks

You can turn to this application if you need a quick, convenient way to generate NETBSD bootable disks on your computer without considerable efforts.

In order to achieve that, you just need to provide the program with a supported storage media and an adequate image file. After you import the image file, the application automatically calculates its hash values and displays them in the main window. Among the processed hash types, you can find MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512.

Simple configuration window

Additionally, you can access a handy configuration menu that enables you to toggle the types of hash it can calculate or adjust sector skip values. It is also possible to toggle between logical volumes and physical devices writing modes by clicking the corresponding option from the list.

Lightweight NETBSD bootable disk creator

As a conclusion, Rawrite 32 is a simple tool that can help you create NETBSD bootable disks on your computer without significant efforts. It comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface, intuitive functions and a simple configuration menu.

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