Ratio Ghost

Increase your ratio values on various tracker sites by relying on this lightweight application that boosts your upload percentage.

  • Ratio Ghost
  • Version:0.16 Build 520
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Ratio Ghost

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Ratio Ghost Description

Relying on tracker sites to grab various online content usually provides you with faster download speeds than a regular download, therefore sometimes it might prove to be more efficient.

However, if you download large amounts of content and forget to upload, your ratio might diminish and your account might get suspended for leeching. Fortunately, you can rely on third-party software to bypass this limitation and fake-boost your upload values.

One of the above applications is Ratio Ghost. Note that it requires an Internet connection and a torrent client with proxy support to function as intended.

Lightweight ratio booster application with a simple interface

This program packs a minimalistic design that integrates its functions neatly, thus allowing you to access them without great efforts. The main window includes a log section and a configuration tab.

However, given to its simplicity, it does not provide you with any form of local help documentation. Therefore, you need to look for information online, in case you get stuck.

Silently increases your ratio by boosting your upload rate

In order to access its functions, you just need to configure a set of basic parameters. For instance, prior to launching this application, you need to access your torrent client and set its proxy to localhost.

Ratio Ghost automatically detects which items are you currently seeding and improves your upload rate. It runs silently in the system tray so that it does not interfere with your workspace, unless you want to access its interface.

Displays a debugging console and various statistics

If you want more in-depth information or advanced details about the process, it is possible to access a debugging console that integrates these details. Additionally, you can open a statistics viewer window that displays additional data.

To sum it up, Ratio Ghost is a lightweight, reliable application that can help you increase your ratio on various private tracker sites by boosting your upload rates. It comes with a simple user interface, runs silently in the system tray, but it does not pack any form of local help documentation.

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