A professional and efficient application that allows you to stitch multiple pictures, create panoramas or join parts of a scanned document.

  • RasterStitch
  • Version:3.90
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:vextrasoft

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RasterStitch Description

Photography has greatly evolved throughout the years, not only in quality, but also through methods used and the result. What’s more, computer applications give you the possibility to post-process images in order to enhance, cut out parts, or completely alter them. Dedicated to panorama images, RasterStitch puts a handful of tools at your disposal to select, define stitching area and combine multiple photos.

Intuitive design and interactive demos

Right from the start, the application greets you with a few helpful guidelines in order to quickly get you up and running. You can follow a set of demonstration methods that take control of your mouse and help you create your first panorama image. The overall process takes little time, but implemented functions allow you to create one image in more methods, depending on the items you work with.

Further helping you accommodate is the intuitive interface. You can work on multiple projects at a time, because each one runs in its own window. Most of the space represents your interactive preview section, with all controls you need being stored in the upper toolbar.

Multiple view types and file support

Your workspace is constantly split into two sections, which you can toggle to be either vertically or horizontally. This comes in handy, because it saves you the effort of rotating images if you want to stitch them on a different axis. Additionally, you can switch images for more comfort and possibilities.

Sadly, you can only insert images from the file menu, with no possibility to simply drag files over the main window. On the other hand, this is the only way to view the decent amount of supported formats, which range from BMP, JPG and PNG to GIF, TIF, PCX or JP2.

Lack of visual enhancement options

There aren’t many editing options when it comes to images. You only get to work with several alignment tools, rotation, possibility to crop, resize, flip or rotate. However, the visual aspect doesn’t play such an important role, so these suffice.

Various methods to stitch pictures

Stitching is either done manually or through an automated tool. This offers a great deal of flexibility and allows you to stitch two pictures together from nearly any angle. In other words, if there’s a common area, you can define a line on both ends that unites the pictures and the process follows the line orientation.

Moreover, there’s the possibility to trigger an automated process, which detects the common ground, places lines and stitches the two pictures. In addition, you can choose to simply stitch them side-by-side. A neat feature is that after each process, the second image slot becomes free again so you can repeat the process until you get the desired result.

To sum it up

All in all, RasterStitch manages to live up to expectations, coming equipped with only a few features, but unlimited output possibilities. File support is impressive, with the possibility to also load images from a connected TWAIN device, while controls and countless images you can add make sure the result meets any demand.

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