RasterStitch Panorama

A software application designed to help users create new panorama photos from existing images, with support for multiple export shapes.

  • RasterStitch Panorama
  • Version :3.81
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher : VextraSoft

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RasterStitch Panorama Description

Photo enthusiasts have a different way of viewing the world whether it is because they always look through a camera lens, or they just process everything in a different manner. However, no image can match the panoramic view of our eyes. That does not mean software applications attempt to recreate the same visual sensation.

Create panoramas from your images

RasterStitch Panorama is a small application that is designed to help you generate panoramic photos from existing images. Installing on most modern Windows operating systems is simple. The hardware requirements do not exceed those utilized by the OS.

The user interface is blank and rather dull for a graphical processing software. You have access to a few options that allow you to stitch multiple photos into a single panoramic image.

Generate spherical, cylindrical or plane panoramas

The workflow of the software is straightforward and accessible to all users levels. You select the images you wish to bind from a location on your computer, press the “Stitch” button or hotkey and view the results.

The entire process is automatic, and it does not allow any input. You can make small modifications after the panorama has been compiled, but the software adjusts settings such as brightness, exposure, and color.

Unfortunately, the process is not a smooth one. There are occasional errors in binding images and sometimes even program crashes. From this point of view, the application is not reliable.

A tool for photo aficionados to reuse their overlapping photos

RasterStitch Panorama is an interesting software which might find some fans in the ranks of photographers. It stitches together photos that have small overlapping regions. You can create new images from your existing pictures and change perspective.

In conclusion, this software provides an unusual feature for image editing. Although the process is completely automated, it is not without its faults and glitches.

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