RapidComposer LE

An advanced phrase-based composition application that offers a large palette of chords, rhythm generators and resizable smart phrases to include in your music.

  • RapidComposer LE
  • Version :3.22
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :musicdevelopments

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RapidComposer LE Description

Music composition requires a lot of highly specialized tools and the right instruments for the job. Having the proper equipment can greatly improve the results of your work, especially quality-wise.

Well programmed software should also be on top of your priorities, since everything that you create has to be processed and interpreted by the computer before it heads out on the market.

Use chords to create your tracks

RapidComposer LE allows you to work with comprehensive chord palettes and assign chord progressions to your lines or verses. The application can display them as a list or by scale degrees and you are free to choose the ones that fit the best into your creation.

The phrases you work with are completely editable and you can resize, move and transpose them without affecting their original quality in the process. This allows you to experiment freely with your recordings without the fear of permanently damaging your phrases.

Generate rhythm and phrases

RapidComposer LE comes with built-in phrase and rhythm generators, including probabilistic rhythm, simple intervals and Schillinger’s interference. That way, you have total control over your creation and you can include only the highest quality sounds.

The rhythm and notes of a phrase can be changed using variations delivered with the application and they can be applied locally or to the whole track.

Record and edit MIDI CC events

You can record MIDI Control Change events and customize them using the Exponential, Line, Curve and Freehand utilities, or create entirely new ones from scratch.

RapidComposer LE offers a wide array of presets to choose from, including MIDI, VSTi and SF2. You can find them along with more information about their function in the instrument browser and you can assign custom tags to each one.


RapidComposer LE is a powerful tool that enables you to create and edit music using an extensive number of options. Beginners and professionals alike can take advantage of its capabilities, thanks to the user-friendly interface that can be completely customized to cater your every need and allow maximum productivity.

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