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Push your page higher on search results with this easy-to-use SEO software that can analyze a page’s code and can suggest improvements.

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Rapid SEO Tool Description

Rapid SEO Tool is a web page analysis tool that can help developers and administrators improve the page ranking and search visibility of their websites.

To get started, users need to provide the address of their web page or to load it from a local directory and to input a set of relevant keywords. Next, they can name rival websites for comparison purposes, or they can analyze their website alone, to learn more about the changes they could make to it.

Compare sites against competitors

The application has been designed to provide developers with better insight into how their websites perform when compared to direct competitors and performs side-by-side web page analysis for that.

With the help of this tool, admins and developers can learn more about what optimizations can be made to their code to push their web pages higher in search results.

Generate comprehensive reports

The program can generate a variety of reports on the analyzed code, providing developers with info on quality and performance, keyword density, keyword use, and on the manner in which search engines view the web page.

Developers can view info on their website’s ranking, as well as on the inbound and outbound link counts. Moreover, the utility includes word count, meta description, page load time, and W3C validation results in the generated report.

For each of the provided keywords, the tool generates a report on its presence on the web page, weight, and prominence. Analysis results are grouped in categories such as Title, Meta description, H1, H2-H6, Body top and Body, and Bold &Strong.

Monitor a website’s position in search engines

In addition to analyzing a web page’s code and to generating reports on its performance, the software can be used to monitor the position of a web page in search engines. Thus, developers can receive real-time updates on any changes that might appear.

All in all, Rapid SEO Tool is an easy-to-use, powerful web page analysis tool, providing developers with a better understanding of the optimizations that their websites need. It can help admins improve the rating or their websites by analyzing a page’s code and by generating detailed reports it.

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